Joya Touch A6 The multi-purpose device to win all your daily retail challenges

Can you handle this much power?

The Joya™ Touch A6 is a vastly superior self-shopping device that now features a powerful megapixel 2D scan engine, putting even more capability in your hands. This is a multi-purpose retail device, perfectly suited to applications such as self-shopping, price checking, markdowns, shelf replenishment, inventory and access control. A state-of-the-art Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor, running Android™ 9 Pie packed into an ergonomic and comfortable casing that can be held in the palm of your hand or on a pistol grip with trigger. The Joya Touch A6 is the first device of its category to feature inductive wireless charging. You don’t have to worry about dirty contacts preventing quick charging of only 2 hours. This is the technology you need to have in your hands straight away.


Giving you unmatched performance

The Joya Touch A6 has enough options to suit all your scanning needs. The standard imager is ideal for the majority of close proximity scanning applications, and if you need to scan codes up to 69 cm away then the megapixel model is available for you. Across the range users can scan 1D, GS1, 2D, high density 2D, and Digimarc barcodes. The Joya Touch A6 has your safety in mind, utilizing high visibility white illumination that is both easier on the eye and able to immediately read colored barcodes. Good-read feedback is easily identified through sounds, vibration, and of course Datalogic’s Green Spot technology. The vibration feedback can also be used to notify the client while shopping about upcoming events such as product promotions, alerts from the information desk, or phone calls.

Gain the technological advantage

The Joya Touch A6 is an intelligent piece of hardware and allows you choose from 6 user profiles so that you can decide how long it requires for charging between shifts. The palm-sized form factor makes it feel like a mobile phone in your hand, and it can make phone calls using VoIP technology using your own Wi-Fi network. Speaking of connectivity, the device features BLE and beacon technology so you can also connect it to a wide range of peripherals such as mobile POS, headsets, printers, or RFID readers. The Joya Touch A6 can run any 3rd party self-shopping software application and is designed to deliver the best user experience. The cart holder accessory and the ‘hands-free option based on product proximity’ make shopping easier for clients, eliminating the need to tap for activating the scan engine.

Achieve long service from a rugged handheld

The Joya Touch A6 features a 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen made from Gorilla® Glass, with superior scratch and damage resistance for continued everyday use. The healthcare version is constructed from chemical-resistant plastics to withstand daily cleaning with the harshest disinfectant solutions. In addition, with the wireless Qi charging capability you can continually wipe down the device and optional docking cradle without having to worry about dirty contacts. For the ultimate personal touch, you can uniquely customize your Joya Touch A6 with a range of enclosure colors, top case logo, and even screen protectors with different themes. It allows you to reinforce your branding, choosing either corporate branding or other co-marketing logos. This really is the device for your operation.

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