Memor 20 full-touch PDA is for the toughest Enterprise challenges

Have Power And Performance At Hand

The Memor 20 is the flagship PDA device from Datalogic that puts real power in your hands. It is a full touch device designed for enterprises with the most demanding mobile requirements, whilst delivering power and performance in a mobile computer form factor with the user-friendly, familiar experience of Android™ Enterprise. This top-performing device has a slim and ergonomic design that makes it feel like a mobile computer in your hands, yet it offers a ruggedness to withstand 1.8m drops on concrete. Obtain top readability with an impresive 5.7 inch full-HD display which is one of the largest in the market, making the Memor 20 your ideal companion to assist at the highest level of business operations and positively impact the workforce efficiencies and productivity. Long battery life and contact-free wireless charging capability make this the only device you will need during the toughest, busiest work environments.


Get Everything You Need In One Device

The Memor 20 provides unmatched power to all of your applications. The top-spec Qualcomm® 660 platform octa-core processor and slimline 2D megapixel sensor allow for high-speed scanning of the majority of barcodes, including Digimarc and DotCodes. Featuring Datalogic’s unique Green Spot technology, providing positive visual feedback on good reads in the noisiest of working conditions. An exclusive second top-edge display, serves as a hands-free feature, allowing users to clearly see and prioritize customizable notification alerts and caller ID for incoming calls without fully interrupting task at hand.  Whether you chose to hold the Memor 20 in the palm of your hand or using the optional pistol grip, you have a state of the art, industrial-grade computer for the most demanding enterprises.

Achieve The Next Level of Connectivity

Today’s connected Retail enterprises grow 300% faster and have higher customer satisfaction compared to more traditional operations. The Memor 20 is vital for businesses that want to move ahead and provides their workforce with more autonomy and the means to fulfil customer demand. The ability to run the latest Android™ revisions, and having GMS certification empowers users with a deeper level of collaboration from the shop floor to the top floor. By connecting data streams from point of sale (POS), warehousing, and distribution throughout the supply chain, retailers can deliver a seamless customer experience, driving business growth and remaining confident that their computing platforms will be able to respond to new demands tomorrow. The Memor 20 provides all of this capability in a handheld device.

Supercharge Your Workforce and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The Memor 20 is fully wireless in many ways, including how you charge the battery. In the ultra-clean environments we work in today we can rest assured that handheld devices without charging contacts can be fully cleaned during and between shifts without any impact on reliability. Moreover, with the Memor 20’s wireless charging technology there is no wear and tear on cables and the solid charging design without charging contacts gets rid of the risk of corrosion, prolonging the lifetime of the device. Datalogic helps lower your total cost of ownership when it comes to running your devices by offering multi-device secure docks for rapid wireless charging of your units. Not only do these provide rapid 15W charging for a high-speed changeover, but are also equipped with a strong mechanical locking feature that only releases the device after authentication is validated, adding another layer of physical security.