MS842P ESD Wireless ESD-safe 2D Imager Scanner

The MS840P ESD (electrostatic discharge-safe) wireless laser scanner is a high performance device with additional design features to satisfy the stringent requirements of cleanrooms and static-safe manufacturing environments.



Unitech’s MS840 ESD-safe scanner is made with a special internal antistatic agent that protects its components and allows it to be used in ESD protected areas. The cable and body of the device can withstand ESD up to 109~1010 ohms per square and contain no chlorine.



• Withstands ESD up to 109~1010 ohms per square
• High-performance laser engineered decoder
• Supports 1D barcodes, including GS1 Data barcodes
• Ergonomic design for maximum user comfort
• Multiple scanning modes
• Loud scan confirmation beep for noisy environments
• 1.8-Meter / 6-Foot drop test
• IP42 rated

Safeguard with unitech ESD-Safe Scanners

Specifically designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of static-safe environments

Introducing the new MS84x ESD (electrostatic discharge-safe) series of high-performance scanners: These devices provide 1D laser and 2D imager scanning capability, with USB corded and cordless connection options. These Unitech barcode scanners are specifically designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of static-safe environments such as manufacturing (semi-conductor), gas stations, fuel refineries, mining and extraction, clean-rooms, and other situations that require electrostatic discharge safety.

Manufacturing  |    Gas Station
Fuel grounds |  Mining fields  | Clean-rooms

ESD Protection

Like the Unitech MS840/MS842 line, the MS84x ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) scanner is a high performance device with additonal design features to satisfy the stringent requirements of cleanrooms and static-safe manufacturing environments. Unitech’s MS84X ESD-safe scanner and cable are made with a special internal antistatic agent that contains no chlorine to ensure ESD protection. With these components, the scanner and cable can withstand ESD up to 10⁹~1010 ohms per square. The integrated ESD elements provide better protection than external, additional ESD protection because external protection may introduce unwanted static via packaging or processing. The MS84x ESD line of scanners is a fantastic choice for streamlining workflow in static-free environments.

Mobility and Reliability

MS84xP scanners are designed to provide consistently excellent performance, even under tough conditions. Shock resistance for drops of up to 6 feet and IP42 dust and water resistance ensures you can use these scanners in nearly any workplace that needs ESD safety. The MS84xP offers simple plug-and-play operation with a 32-feet range thanks to its convenient USB dongle.


With a trigger lifetime of up to 10 million scans, the MS84xP series of scanners are sure to have a long life of reliable performance. When used as a wireless scanner, the MS84xP series can use its buffer mode to store data scanned when out of range, and then re-upload the data when it returns to operating range.

Ergonomic, Durable Design 


Unitech products are designed to provide superior performance and superior durability, and the MS84xP scanners are no different. It can provide accurate, reliable scanning in a variety of use cases, and is rugged enough to be used in demanding work environments.


An IP42 rating safeguards it from moisture and dust, and a durable shock-resistant casing insulates it from drops of up to 6 feet. Ergonomic design ensures that the MS84xP ESD series is comfortable and can be used extensively in retail, manufacturing, and more.

Easy to Use


MS84x ESD scanners support USB or wireless connectivity options. With auto-adapting capabilities, MS84x ESD scanners are easy to install and operate thanks to their simple host-connection process. User-friendly cable replacement capability minimizes downtime and reduces the total cost of ownership.

TAA Compliant Barcode Scanners


Optical & Performance

  • Sensor2D Imager
  • Skew AnglePitch ± 60°, Skew ± 60°
  • Optical ResolutionSR: 5 mil (code 39), 6.7 mil (PDF417)
    HD: 3 mil (co 4mil (0.1mm) de 39), 4 mil (PDF417)
  • Depth of FieldCode 39 5 mil: 2 to 7.5in (SR)
    PDF417 6.7 mil: 3.4 to 7in (SR)
    Code 39 3 mil: 1.6 to 3.8in (HD)
    PDF417 4 mil: 1.8 to 3.5in(HD)


  • RadioUnlicensed 2.4GHz (Wireless)
  • Range32ft (in line of sight)
  • Host Interface SupportedUSB (via Cradle or Dongle)


  • Operation ModeTrigger Mode, Flash Mode, Presentation Mode, Buffer mode


  • 1D Barcodes1D: Code 39, Full ASCII Code39, Interleave 2 of 5, Standard 2 of 5, UPC A/E, Delta Code, Label Code, MSI/ Plessy, Codabar, Code 11, EAN8/13, Code 93, Code 128, EAN128, Code32,Toshiba Code, GS1 databar Code.
  • 2D Barcodes2D: PDF417, MicroPDF417, Datamatrix, QR Code, Micro QR Code, Aztec, RSS , Composite, TLC -39, MaxiCode. Postal: US PostNet, US Planet, UK Postal, Australian Postal, Japan Postal, Dutch Postal (KIX)


  • Battery Capacity1620mAh
  • Operating TimeOver 10 hours


  • Mechanical Shock6ft Drop to concrete fall resistance
  • IP RatingIP42


  • Items■ Cradle
    ■ Dongle
    ■ Battery pack
    ■ Power adapter
    ■ USB cable