NAUTIZ X2 Industry-leading Long Range Scanner

Built to Survive

Harsh environments

For maximized efficiency

Explore vehicle cradles, mounts, pistol grips, holsters, and more.

New features

Android 11 with Google GMS

Gesture navigation

With Android 11, all devices will default to Google’s new gesture navigation.

Screen Recorder

The screen recorder function lives in the Quick Settings tiles. You tap the Screen Record feature which gives you a few options before you start recording.

Privacy enhancements

Privacy is a big focus with Android 11, with Google introducing one-time permissions and granular control over what sort of data you share.


All our rugged computers has an ingress protection of IP65 or higher for protection against water and dust exposure.


Our devices are built to withstand repeated drops, extreme temperatures, altitudes, and humidity.


The growing MaxGo Suite is designed to facilitate quick custom setups across all our Android devices.


In addition to our off-the-shelf solutions, we offer options for customized versions of our products.


More powerful than ever before