PA760 Rugged Handheld Computer (Android)

A full suite of tools and features allow you to customize and future-proof your device. Offering the latest OS of Android 9 or 10, a robust processor, fingerprint technology, a long-running 4000mAh battery, and a rugged IP rating, the PA760 makes your toughest work days easier. This handheld is disinfectant ready allowing harsh chemical cleaning products such as isopropyl/ethanol alcohol and bleach (bleach:water, 1:100).




• Operating System: Android 9/Android 10
• NFC & fingerprint access

• Disinfectant ready housing

• Bleach safe (bleach/water solution)
• Quick charge type C USB cable
• Screen: 5.45″ Gorilla Glass® 3
• Weight: 9.8 ounces
• Bluetooth® 5
• 16 MP rear camera / 5 MP front camera
• Warranty: 1 year