PowerScan 9600 Series When top flexibility meets extreme reliabilit

Bullet Proof Your Traceability Targets

The 9600 is the range-topping handheld industrial scanner in the best-selling PowerScan series from Datalogic, helping you smash your traceability targets. Achieving full traceability in manufacturing, intralogistics and retail environments is the number one priority faced by businesses today when faced with fulfilling consumer delivery demands. You need a tough device for handling the toughest jobs. This IP65 and IP67 rated scanner will withstand 2.5 m drops onto hard concrete, and the trigger is tested to resist up to 10 million hits. Even though it is impervious to dirt and water, it is wirelessly charged in its cradle. No more device failure due to grimy or corroded charging contacts. Maximum performance whilst protecting your bottom line at a great price!



Future Proof Your Connectivity

The PowerScan 9600 series of 2D barcode scanner features all the standard benefits associated with Datalogic industrial handheld scanners, but now with embedded industrial connectivity, allowing simple interfacing with a PC, Industrial PC, Tablet, or PLCs. There is no need for third part devices as the communication modules are exchangeable in the cradle, and inline for the wired version. The plug and play architecture helps to maintain network integrity, and is easily configurable between RS-232, USB, USB-C, Ethernet, Ethernet I/P or Profinet. Any future standards or changes to your networking setup are easy to switch to within a matter of minutes.

Putting Power into Your Hands

The 9600 rugged barcode scanner range offers three different performance levels, depending on your application, with read rates 20% faster than competitive products. The Standard Range model is equipped with a single camera for capturing low density 1D and 2D codes within normal reading ranges. For longer distance reading, choose the High Performance reader with a dual camera. Finally, and unique to Datalogic, is the Document Capture model which will take color images for quality control or signatory confirmation. As with all Datalogic scanners, the PowerScan 9600 series provides gentle white light illumination and outputs a successful ‘Green Spot’ for a successful read, even on damaged or dirty barcodes, all at a great price for handheld scanners!

Taking Wireless to The Next Level

Industrial and warehouse environments are typically harsh and the use of large numbers of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® equipped devices in an area can affect performance and result in downtime. Datalogic recommends the use of their proprietary narrow-band radio system – STAR. With no possibility of interference with other networks and an extended communication range that is completely bi-directional, you are guaranteed error free operations. Unlike Bluetooth, where there is a maximum of 7 devices linked to a single cradle, STAR more than doubles this to 16 devices. Operators can freely walk around large working areas with an industrial wireless barcode scanner, scanning items, inputting data from the built-in keypad, and gaining immediate feedback from the host on the large, bright OLED display.

Ensuring Even Better Cost of Ownership

With growing emphasis on long term device performance, Datalogic has equipped several cost-saving features in the PowerScan 9600 series. Smart battery technology maximizes and optimizes charging efficiency, providing an indication of battery health. The cradle also includes wireless charging capability, eliminating the possibility of poor or no charging due to damaged or dirty contacts, which is the number one failure in traditional cradle setups. These new cradles even provide information on device health, enabling you to schedule predictive maintenance, thus avoiding any unplanned downtime because of unexpected failure. Your total cost of ownership is reduced significantly thanks to these simple but powerful additions, with wireless charging providing a 15% increase. The PowerScan 9600 series is the easy choice when it comes to top flexibility, extreme reliability, and pricing regarding handheld scanners.