Clients wanting to improve compliance and auditing processes work with Portech to simplify data collection and processing, improve accuracy and provide regulators with full audit trials; and the benefits of adopting mobile technology for compliance are clear.

Efficiency and reducing costs

with the majority of checks and audits taking place away from the desk, if you are still using paper-based processes to gather some of your data and allocate actions to employees and third parties, it will invariably be inefficient, inaccurate and costly.

Increase business productivity

by eliminating manual spreadsheets and printed reports – our clients have adopted mobility solutions that eliminate dependency on paper-based forms for auditing and checks such as statutory inspections, periodic audits and checks, safety critical work monitoring, facilities management etc.

Simplifying compliance officer’s job

by letting us develop mobile software for your compliance needs, your auditors, especially those required to carry out multiple types of audits, will no longer be submerged in documents, or spend time complete forms manually.

  • Time saved through part-automated audits.
  • Improved corporate governance, operational efficiency, and business performance.
  • Depending on your needs, we can also develop mobility solutions that allow the use of visual data such as photos, recorded videos etc. Which can be attached to the electronic forms and seamlessly sent back to head office for viewing.

These give more value to the audits and provide proofing data for critical audits.

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