Our PortechFMS solution supports one of the UK’s most-established independent meter reading companies, ensuring simplified data collection, fast data transfer, job allocation and real-time insight into field employees’ activities.

If you are looking to enhance your current meter reading technology, we can build a bespoke solution to meet your requirements. Don’t just take our word for it!
Tracy Sanderson, Business Analyst at Lowri Beck said: 
The PortechFMS has improved our competitiveness: we find that our field staff can attend more calls, even adhoc calls, we can update the mobile software remotely, we have access to full communications while our staff are in the field, and our operatives are equipped with an easy to manage console which speeds up data input and reduces cost per call.

Our clients often have a number of differing requirements, and we strive to find the best solution for each one.

A meter reader walking through the area where smart meters are installed capturing the readings automatically on the mobile device.

Partially automated meter readings deployed for non-intelligent meters, with a unique id barcode which the meter reader scans to confirm that the address they are currently at is correct.

Access to previous reading or historical data such as when the meter was installed, history of tampering or damage etc.

Mobility solutions can be also deployed in service management such as assigning brand-new meter installation or meter service requests to the field workers in real time hence cutting out delays and improving response times.

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