ScanPal™ EDA52 Healthcare Mobile Computer

The Honeywell ScanPal™ EDA52 Healthcare is a great solution for hospital applications like patients data collection, staff collaboration, supply chain management, nursing workflow management etc. The EDA52 Healthcare can be easily paired with Honeywell’s IH25/IH40 RFID reader. Users can quickly capture large volume of RFID information in inventory tracking or dispensary applications. For existing Honeywell mobile computer users, the EDA52 Healthcare can be backward-compatible with existing Honeywell accessories, the ScanPal EDA51 single charging dock by adding an adapter cup. This will further help our existing customers reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO). A 4500mAh battery allows for prolonged and uninterrupted use between each charge***. The battery is also easily removable and supports quick charge 3.0. The EDA52 Healthcare (WWAN version) supports one nano SIM and one eSIM simultaneously. An eSIM enables simple management of subscriptions to different mobile network carriers, thereby allowing easy switch between carriers without the need to manage multiple physical SIM cards The EDA52 Healthcare is built on Android 11 and can be upgraded to Android 13* minimizing maintenance issues and ensuring long-term feature support. It is validated under AER (Android Enterprise Recommended)**, a Google-led initiative that helps businesses confidently select, deploy, and manage Android devices and services best suited to their needs.



  • EDA52 Healthcare version is built on a powerful hardware, QualcommT SM6115 octa-core processor with 3GB/32GB and 4GB/64GB memory options to provide smooth operation.
  • External housing and connectors are designed to endure frequent exposures to disinfectanting and cleaning solutions during daily use.
  • Rugged, sleek and lightweight body provides ease of handling and comfortable use. Large battery capacity is suitable for continous operation between each charge***.
  • Honeywell’s Operational Intelligence integration for real time asset data analysis and management.
  • Multiple wireless connections such as WWAN (Nano and eSIM) or WLAN, Bluetooth 5.1, NFC, GMS and 4G LTE to support different applications.

The ScanPal EDA52 Healthcare is Honeywell’s latest ScanPal series mobile computer equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core 2.0GHz processor and robust wireless connectivity through NFC, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.1 and 4G LTE communication. A prominent 5.5-inch Gorilla Glass touch screen interface and ergonomic industrial design help to greatly improve user comfort and experience. Its lightweight and slim design means that users can easily operate the device with one hand, carry it in pockets, and stay comfortable.
The 13-megapixel rear camera allows users to capture high-resolution images for quality image documentation while the 5-megapixel front camera allows users to engage in video communication. In an environment where medical errors are a major healthcare concerns, the right technology can make all the difference in patient safety. The EDA52 Healthcare incorporates the powerful Honeywell N3601 scan engine which enables accurate and fast reading of barcodes, even if they are damaged or incomplete. In addition, a LED aimer allows the scanner to accurately and quickly capture correct barcodes. Outfitted with a rugged housing and IP67 rated sealing, the EDA52 Healthcare can operate under rough usage and demanding environmental conditions.